Tigr Lock

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“… Not only is the TiGr light, but the main part of the lock (the titanium bow) sits so tight to your top tube (using the supplied Velcro straps) that I forget its there. Its unobtrusive and doesn’t change the center of gravity on the bike in any noticeable way. As a result I take the TiGr even on long rides and being to ride unhindered and duck into a bathroom or grab a bite to eat on the same ride is amazing….Overall I think this is a fantastic product. Its profile makes it great for long rides and commuting, it’s secureness is certified by a third party testing agency, and lets face it, it just looks cool (in a week of use I’ve had three curious strangers complement the lock and ask where I got it)…” W. Hohenschuh “Engineer On Two Wheels” (Corvallis, Oregon)

This lock is so light, so tough, and so easy to store on the bike, that there is only one reason I can think of not to buy it, and that’s price. It’s more expensive than U-style locks, to be sure, but vastly cooler. Easily worth it if you have a nice bike.
What really justified the purchase for me was when I considered the weight. This lock weighs almost nothing, and I spent A LOT of money to buy a lighter bike – why would I completely negate that buy using a heavy lock?
What I didn’t expect, and why I really love the lock after 6 months of use, is how easy it is to store on the bike. It connects with the velcro straps to the top tube, and is totally out of the way at all times. I keep the cylinder in my pocket. Also, I love how it turned out to be a great way to meet girls, since it looks so cool – people come up and ask about the TiGr all the time.

After just having an expensive bicycle stolen, I must admit, had I had a lock like this I would still have my bicycle. Now this beauty safeguards my new ride and I have no worries whatsoever about my bicycle being stolen.
From reading some reviews on the internet I was worried this was going to be a difficult lock to work with. It isn’t. The key thing to remember is not to pinch the bow flat in order to lock it. You just have to have the ends touch when you slip the lock on. This lock fits very nicely on my Diamondback 2013 Recoil Comp 29′er Full Suspension Mountain Bike. It does not get in the way one bit.
I highly recommend this lock to anyone looking to secure their bicycle, motorcycle or what ever you need to safeguard. Thanks Tigrlock!!!

This is a very interesting piece of industrial design; great in some ways (much, much lighter than any other lock you’d actually be able to trust), awkward in others (getting the lock cylinder on when you are locking both wheels is a pain, esp. if you have 36 hole wheels). I generally just lock the front wheel and frame with mine if I’m only going to be away from the bike for a few minutes (shopping, say), as wrestling the lock through both wheels takes a minute or two, but if it’s going to be outside for a while, it’s reassuring to know that both wheels are secure. Overall, I’m glad I splurged.

A beautiful idea perfectly realized…

I recently purchased a very nice bike that was not cheap and was concerned about it possibly getting stolen. I was not happy with the very heavy bike locks that are listed for sale. I did research and found this much lighter and much stronger bike lock. I agree cost wise it is more than the current U-Locks being advertised, I feel better and safer with the TiGr Lock. I have no issues with it and purchased another one for my partners bike as well. It gets 5 Stars from me. Arrived quickly and packaged very well.

… I like it because it is light and you can’t feel the weight!

The elegance, effectiveness, and convenience of this lock makes it easily worth the money.
This lock cost about 50% as much as my bicycle, but it’s a great investment for the following reasons:
- Elegant: It is neatly squared away on your cross bar when not locking your bike. I keep the lock cylinder in my pocket or backpack. The fit and finish on the parts is excellent, and the design draws questions when a fellow biker sees you securing your ride.
- Effective: You can lock it to tons of stuff! My favorite is parking meters: the bulbous shape on top of the meter means that it can’t be slid over the top. Suddenly there’s secure parking every ten feet in the city. Since both wheels and the frame is secured, you don’t have to worry about anything.
- Convenient: Others have complained that it is difficult to use, and that’s a fair point. The first few times I locked my bike I had to start over and rearrange my pedals, the angle of my front wheel, the proximity to the post, etc… HOWEVER, after a while it becomes easy, and now it takes me about 30 seconds to lock my bike securely. Compared the the effort of carrying around multiple locks for both wheels and the frame, of taking off the front wheel and putting it back on, and the other lengths people go to in order to secure their stuff, this lock is quite easy to use.
If you have the money you can’t do better.

I love this lock … People spend so much money on lighter components for a bike – from big things like frame materials such as Magnesium, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Aluminum, to lighter seats, pedals, and brakes. Even brake and shifter cables have expensive light weight options! And after all that, most people will secure their bikes with a heavy 5 lb. U lock, which negates all that weight savings. This TiGr lock is very easy to use (though it takes a bit of getting used to fitting the cylinder on the lock) and stores on the frame much better than any U lock I’ve owned. It’s better in every way I can measure, and it’s also sexy and cool. All the research I did shows that this lock provides the same level of security as an expensive and VERY heavy U lock.
I love the way the company got started with this product. It’s a lesson in design and business, and one I support by owning this wonderful lock. You will be amazed at how light, flexible and strong a piece of Titanium is.

“I’ll start by validating the product description. It’s easy to store on my bike … straps hold the bow firmly in place. … I am happy gliding around town without a couple of bricks (u-lock) hanging on my bike. … I feel like I keep that feeling of freedom that I wanted from my urban biking. And, peace of mind knowing it will be still there when I ready to go.”

Got my lock today! My ride just lost 5+ pounds.

I got my lock about a week ago and I love it! Looks great on the bike, it’s super light, and it’s just boss to be able to pull out the tiny lock cylinder and pop it closed

Just got mine yesterday. Elegant, sturdy and beautiful.

Got mine. Great job. High quality. Subtle details make it a great product.

Just received my lock – it’s beautiful and light

Received mine this weekend. First impressions are the lock mechanism is just gorgeous and appears very secure! The bend is a little less acute than I expected, and the plastic coating is lifted on the inside bend (but I suppose that’s a physical inevitability). All in all, a wondrous piece of machining.

I received my TiGr lock today! After months of anticipation it was worth the wait. I’m very impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and design. Great job!

I _LOVE_ this lock! I’ve been using it daily in downtown Chicago for just shy of a month, and it works perfectly. Excellent work, all around!

The lock is fantastic, and I’m very pleased with the craftsmanship. It fit’s perfectly on my bike as well. Love it. Well worth the wait.

I got my lock and have been using it for about 2 weeks now. I do love the lock and it’s awesome.

I’ve had mine for nearly a month – it draws stares, comments, envy and sexy women love to touch it… then again, that’s always been the case.

Now, as for the lock – it’s simply amazing. I f*%@king love it; innovative and light. Easy to transport while riding, and a cinch to lock up.

Lock just arrived and it looks and feels great, the weight compared to my normal D lock is amazing.

I just received my TiGr locks yesterday (ordered both 0.75 and 1.25 inch). They are beautifully machined and finished. Thanks for a fantastic product!

I am very happy wit my two TiGr that arrived today in freezing Norway. Even if it is -6 degrees C, I had to take my bike for a ride and lock it up proudly in front of the Coffee Shop. I loved the curious glances that got me :)

I JUST GOT MINE! WOW, this thing is VERY nice. I was worried about my bike’s paint, but you coated the titanium so well. I don’t know how you did that so well. LOVE IT!!!

Received my lock yesterday. it is fantastic! Very easy to use. It really is as cool as my bike!

Guys – awesome job! Love my lock, love showing it off to people.