Tigr Lock

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TiGr® Locks are available in two widths

The 1.25" (32mm) wide TiGr® Locks provide good protection at high theft risk. 1.25” (32mm) wide TiGr® Locks are certified by the ART® Foundation. The ART Foundation establishes rating systems and criteria for bicycle and motorcycle security devices.

The 0.75" (19mm) wide versions of the TiGr® Lock provide good protection at medium theft risk. The narrower TiGr® Lock bows are lighter and more flexible than the wider versions. Because there is less material to break, the 0.75" (19mm) wide versions of the TiGr® Lock are less resistant to certain types of attack.

TiGr® Locks are available in three lengths:

Standard: 24” (61cm) - Long enough to capture both wheels on road bikes and most hybrids. Original Length

Long: 30” (76cm) - Long enough to capture both wheels on more bikes including most mountain and touring bikes. NEW Length

Short: 18” (46cm) - Short enough to fit in most backpacks and messenger bags. NEW Length

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The titanium bow in sheathed in an ultra-clear PVC sleeve, the TiGr® is designed to protect your bike’s looks as well as your bike itself.

All TiGr® Locks ship with silicon o-rings. The o-rings act as bumpers between the lock bow and bike frame for added scratch protection while the bow is strapped to the bike for transit. They can be easily positioned where you need them and are easy to remove if you don't want them.


The stainless steel castings securely fixed to the ends of the bow help make the lock cylinder even easier to get on and off the bow and offer added resistance to certain methods of attack.


The TiGr® Lock survives a variety of violent attacks. The TiGr® Lock design and material properties of titanium present unique challenges to would-be thieves.

TiGr® is unobtrusive, attaching to the top tube when on the move. The 24" TiGr® can secure both wheels without removal (for most road and hybrid bikes) to a wide variety of structures up to about 5.5” (140 mm) in diameter.* All at about a third of the weight of a U-lock.

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*depending on frame and wheel configurations other locking arrangements might be used. To be able to lock both wheels the rim to rim dimension should be less than 21" (54 CM), which is the case for most hybrid and road bikes.

0.75” (19 mm) wide X 24" (61cm) long bow 11.3 oz (316g)
1.25” (32 mm) wide X 24" (61cm) long bow 20.6 oz (584g)
lock body (stainless steel) 5.0 oz (143g)

Using the TigrLock

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