TiGr bow: Standard length


Locks both wheels
Locks multiple bikes
Stores on the bike frame
Mounting Straps included
Certified Bicycle Security

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TiGr® bow Standard length provides good security for longer stops and can secure both wheels on most bikes

Great anytime you need good security and you want to enjoy the ride.

  • Recreation
  • Commuting
  • Long distance touring
  • Group rides
  • Running errands, or meeting up with friends.

Standard Length:
Long enough to secure both wheels and frame to a rack without having to remove a wheel on most road bikes.
Long enough to secure multiple bikes.

1.25 in wide titanium bow

Additional information

Lock Package Includes

TiGr Lock Bow, TiGr Lock Cylinder (with two keys and one key-tag), Cinch Straps (pack of two)

Total Weight

1.7 Lbs. (0.76Kg) including Bow, Cylinder and Straps

125 TiGr Standard Bow

Length: 24 in. (61cm), Width: 1.25 in. (32mm), Thickness: .125 in. (3.2mm)

TiGr Cylinder

Length: 1.75 in. (46mm), Diameter: 1.0 in. (25mm)

Cinch Straps

Length: 17 in. (43cm), Width: 0.75 in. (19mm), Weight: 0.3 Oz. (8g)

Shipping weight

37 Oz.

6 reviews for TiGr bow: Standard length

  1. C.M.

    First off i just have to say how impressed i am with your product and ingenious design. Truly working smarter instead of harder. I am blown away by the simplicity and elegance.

  2. L. G.

    I love your product, and would love to get the longer one…. thanks for impeccable customer service!

  3. B. H.

    I recently bought a 1.25” lock from you; it arrived safely in Australia yesterday! I got your “thanks”. And wonderful it is, too!!! In fact, everything about it appeals… it is sleek, light, looks stunning, elegant design, efficient, strong, and as cycle locks go, interesting!! Even the packaging is a designer piece! You have clearly thought about this lock and its place in the world with great depth. Most appealing.

  4. K. K.

    I bought four locks from you nearly two years ago and couldn’t be more pleased. The short ones are perfect for our Bromptons and have traveled through England and Scandinavia, as well as around Boston and New York City. The standard size is great for our every-day bikes at home in Boston. The locks are great. I was skeptical of the Velcro method of attaching the lock to the bike, but it works fine and there is no rattle!

  5. R. C.

    This is my second TiGr Lock. Love being able to mount the lock on my top tube. Have used U-locks and various chain/cable style locks in the past but never liked the mounting options on my bike or the added weight. I use this on my road bike for commuting to/from work and even on my last metric century ride. I didn’t need it on the ride, just forgot to take it off. Very impressed

  6. A. W.

    I don’t normally need to lock my bike up as I commute into work and store it inside a locked room. As a result I keep leaving my u-lock at home because it weighs so much and I already have to carry a lot of other things. As a result I have only been carrying a cable lock but never really liked the idea of having to use it even in an emergency. I found your lock when search for other light weight alternative and saw the video with the woman cutting through the 75 and was going to look somewhere else but then I read about that being the low security model. So, I did a little more research. I found the video on http://bikenyc.org/blog/tigr-bike-lock-review-theft-test and was so impressed with it that I decided to buy it. While it might not be as bullet proof as the Krytonite New York series it also doesn’t weight between 5-20 pounds. With it weighing less than 2 pounds I’m more likely to have it with me when I happen to need it rather than leave it sitting at home where it isn’t doing me any good.

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