TiGr bow: Short


Weighs 1.4 pounds
Stores on the bike frame
Mounting Straps included
Fits in a backpack
Certified bicycle security

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TiGr® bow-locks provide good security for longer stops

Great anytime you need good security and you want to enjoy the ride.

  • Recreation
  • Commuting
  • Long distance touring
  • Group rides
  • Running errands, or meeting up with friends.

Short Length:
Long enough to secure one wheel and frame to a rack.
Short enough to carry in a backpack.

1.25 inch wide titanium bow

All 1.25 inch wide TiGr® Locks have been ART®certified.

Additional information

Lock Package Includes

TiGr Lock Bow, TiGr Lock Cylinder (with two keys and one key-tag), Cinch Straps (pack of two straps)

Total Weight

1.4 Lbs. (0.6Kg) including Bow, Cylinder and Straps

125 TiGr SHORT Bow

Length: 18 in. (46cm), Width: 1.25 in. (32mm), Thickness: .125 in. (3.2mm), Weight: 16.5 Oz. (467g)

TiGr Cylinder

Length: 1.75 in. (46mm), Diameter: 1.0 in. (25mm), Weight: 5.0 Oz. (143g)

Cinch Straps

Length: 17 in. (43cm), Width: 0.75 in. (19mm), Weight: 0.3 Oz. (8g)

1 review for TiGr bow: Short

  1. User

    This is a review of the short (Bow-lock) version. I studied the lock a fair amount before purchase and so far its met and went beyond expectations. In terms of usability you do want to practice using it before putting it into action. It’s not difficult to use but I’m seeing bad reviews based on that, which isn’t true if one takes a half hour to practice using the lock then another half hour trying it out on various types of lock-to structures. Once you get the hang of it it’s really quite easy and becomes second nature. It also takes some practice attaching and reattaching to the bike but once again when you get the hang of it then it will become second nature.

    I’ve had no problem fitting it through the rear wheel and frame for typical locking situations. Its light weight and there is absolutely no rattle. I added extra banding since I’m paranoid about scratching and I’ve had no issues there and it does come with a plastic sheath for added scratch protection.

    Based on my own expectations of a light weight, no rattle, easily transportable and medium-high security lock I would fully recommend.

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