TiGr mini & Mounting Clip


Strong,  Lightweight, Simple

Bicycle Security

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Titanium Bike Lock

  • PVC coating on bow protects bike frame from scratches
  • Certified bicycle security
  • Award wining product design
  • Made in the USA
  • 0.9 pounds

Mounting Clip:

  • Attaches to bike frame via water bottle lugs
  • Lock snaps in and out easily
  • Rubber bumpers reduce rattles
  • 1.4 ounces

Additional information

Lock Package Includes

TiGr mini bow, TiGr Lock Cylinder (with two keys and one key tag), Frame Mounting Clip for TiGr mini


TiGr mini: 0.9 Lbs (0.4 Kg)

Locking area

7in (18cm) at longest point 4in (10cm) at widest point 2in (5cm) at narrowest point

2 reviews for TiGr mini & Mounting Clip

  1. User

    This is by far the finest lock I have ever purchased. It is functionally elegant and simple in operation. I had wanted a secure lock that was easy to use and provided security in a small form factor. The mount works perfectly and I was able to mount it over the frame holes with my pump underneath it. The lock doesn’t move and is easy to grab, lock and go — plus I have the peace of mind knowing the bike will be there when I get back.

  2. C.K.

    This is an excellent alternative the U-Locks for me. The mounting unit and lock fit snugly onto a bike frame that has water cage mounts so it doesn’t rattle or shake. The lock is lightweight and after reading reviews and watching videos to assuage security concerns, the titanium seems to be strong enough to fit most attacks. It is s simple locking mechanism and easy to lock in place, similar to situations I’d use a U-Lock, but since it doesn’t weigh a ton I can always have it on the bike without calculating if it’s worth the hassle to bring along a bigger lock.

    It has the convenience of a cable lock and closer to the security of a usual heavy lock or chain. (Customer service was very responsive to order a couple of extra keys.)

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