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What Does the ‘Gr’ in TiGr Represent?

What Does the ‘Gr’ in TiGr Represent?

It's a smart question. We've gotten it from smart people over the past 10+ years.  The answer has evolved.  Here’s the full story.

Back in 2010, as we experimented with different grades of titanium alloy, we also thought about brand names.  Titanium Grade Locks evolved into Ti Gr and ultimately TiGr, pronounced ti-ger (tī-gər). A graphic designer helped us come up with a clean and simple logo to fit with the clean and simple product design.


TiGr logk 

TiGr® logo established 2011


We’ve been taking the TiGr® story to bike expos, trade shows and various other bike events ever since. The TiGr® booths aren’t fancy, but they’re often busy.  

We’re thankful for every person who’s taken time to stop by and share their stories with us. 

We’ve been inspired by many of those people and their stories of real  perseverance, resilience, toughness … their grit. We've been  inspired by young folks and old folks, speed-demons and slow-pokes, daily grinders and occasional meanderers, folks who peddle under their own steam or use electric assist. We met a woman in Seattle who took her young children on a bike tour from Mexico to Alaska. A bike messenger in New York City told us about carrying his bike up and down five flights of steps every day. A guy in Philadelphia, who might've stolen a bike or two as a kid, is now a passionate advocate for kids and safe streets in that city thanks, in part he believes, to his passion for riding bicycles. These are the kinds of people who wander into the TiGr® booth - resilient people, riders who persevere, folks with grit at their core.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to bike events for a while. We miss them. We look forward to going again when the coast is clear. We look forward to meeting people again and hearing new stories of perseverance and resilience in these difficult times. And, we're ready with the answer to that question.

So, "What does the ‘Gr’ in TiGr® represent?"

‘Gr’ represents the element of grit. Grit is at the core of people we make locks for, and grit is at the core of every lock we make.


TiGr logo 

TiGr® titanium locks, introduced 2011



TiGr® BLUE, introduced 2020

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