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Insurance Certification Testing

TiGr® blue steel locks were certified for bicycle security by the ART® Foundation in 2019. 

Current list of ART** approved u-locks for bicycle security

TiGr® titanium locks were certified for bicycle security by the ART® Foundation of the Netherlands in 2012.

Independent Testing

TiGr® BLUE (blue steel shackle):, USA, Jan. 2021

TiGr® BLUE mini+ (blue steel shackle): Bicycle Security Lab, Japan, Jan. 2020

TiGr® mini (Titanium Shackle): Bicycle Security Lab, Japan, Mar. 2018

Independent Test Video (Titanium Shackle)

This video shows an independent bike advocacy organization in New York City ( attempting to break a 1.25″ wide titanium TiGr® Lock with a variety of bolt cutters.

In-House Testing

Engineers run destructive tests using the same tools (hammers, saws, levers, shears, bolt cutters, power tools…) bike thieves are known to use.

TiGr® Locks were found to hold up to attack testing as well as, or better than, cable locks, most folding-style bicycle locks, many chain locks and typical u-locks with less than 12mm diameter shackles.

In-house testing video (2011)

Hacksaw attack comparing TiGr® Bow to hardened steel u-lock shackle:

Angle grinder attack comparing TiGr® Bow sample to hardened steel u-lock shackle:

Bolt Cutter attack comparing TiGr® Bow sample to hardened steel u-lock shackle:

About bolt cutters & hacksaws

The videos on this page show the tools used when designing/testing the titanium shackle in 2011.

Independent laboratory testing done in 2012 confirmed that the 1.25 inch wide titanium shackle meets/exceeds bolt cutter and hacksaw test criteria for bicycle security.

There have been many reports of bolt cutter attacks and a few reports of apparent hacksaw attacks. In the vast majority of apparent bolt cutter and hacksaw attacks, the would-be-thief leaves marks in the titanium shackle, but is unable to break the lock and the bike is saved. However, all locks can be broken by a criminal with the right tool and the right know-how and the opportunity to use them.

Since 2011, TiGr® titanium locks have proven to be appropriate for longer stops in low/moderate risk situations and shorter stops where risk is higher. 

TiGr® locks are not recommended for long stops in high risk situations, or outside overnight in moderate/high risk situations.

TiGr® BLUE, hardened high carbon blue steel shackles were introduced in 2020. Both in-house and independent third party testing shows the blue steel shackles to be harder to cut with a wider range of bolt cutters and hacksaws. 

Please Remember

Locks can reduce the risk of theft, but no lock alone can not eliminate the risk.

Some things to consider:

  • Know where the high risk areas are and avoid parking your bike there.
  • Lock to a secure fixture.
  • Keep the lock low to the ground to make an attack more difficult.
  • Lock frame and both wheels if possible and take easily removed accessories with you.
  • Avoid leaving your bike locked in one place for long periods on a regular basis.
  • Lock the bike in plain sight, and with other bikes when possible.
  • Register your bike with your local police and/or a bike registration website like
  • Ride your bike (riding bikes is fun and good for you)
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