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Reviews and Testimonials from TiGr® Bike Lock users:

“After my <heavy> U-lock was cut through with an angle grinder I realized there is no such thing as a theft-proof bike lock, so I might as well have one that is reasonably sound, and doesn’t weigh so much. Thanks Tigr! Great design!”

-I. G., Seattle, WA

I’ve been impressed since 2013. First, impressed by the price…this was going to be an investment. But once made, my daily rides were more enjoyable (lighter, sleeker!). Impressed also by the number of bike geeks checking out my lock. Not thieves, just curious observers! Impressed by the marks that would show up…grinder or saw marks that proved that NYC isn’t friendly to outside bikes. And finally, impressed by the customer service at TiGr when the thieves finally put my lock out of commission. When I reached out, Jim and team at TiGr replaced my lock no questions asked and let me know that my lock was making their wall of fame.

-James L., Brooklyn, NY

This lock saved my bike. My bike was left for 2 days and I came back to a beat up TiGr. The best news is that my bike was still there. The lock was pretty hurt, but thats OK. TiGr and company was sympathetic to my dilemma and sent me a new bow shackle. Which I am happy to use because this is the easiest lock I have ever carried. A light weight lock is very nice when you are hauling a bag of books around all day. And after this attempted theft I know i can still trust it.

-C.N., Salt Lake City, UT

I’ve been riding bicycles in various cities all over the world for 20+ years. For most of that I’ve used u-locks. I can honestly say that the TiGr Mini is a huge improvement over the standard u-lock design. It’s flexible, so it gets around thicker posts that my old u-lock wouldn’t work on. Plus it weighs significantly less.

After using it for a couple of months I left my bike in front of a bar for a few hours. When I got back I discovered that someone had attacked my TiGR with bolt cutters! Lock and bike were still there, but the lock was pretty torn up (see pictures). I got in touch with the company to see if they would discount a replacement and they offered to send me a brand new lock, free of charge!

-M. B. user review

“… I know bikes have been stolen from the parking lot of the grocery store where my bike has repeated been locked without incident.

I use a standard bow lock that I always carry on my 1999 Litespeed/Chorus that I use for everything. I used to carry a mini U lock and a heavy cable and the TiGr is far lighter and more sleek. This difference is enough that I always carry the lock and, let’s face it, the safest lock is no use if you don’t have it with you. I even took it on my last (metric) century. I didn’t need it, I just didn’t bother to take it off the bike. I commute on my bike, and while I have safe parking at home and at work, this means that all errands, lunches, and trips on the train, are locked with the TiGr. I get positive comments and questions, frequently emphasizing the feature of locking both wheels. I did have a slightly comic conversation with another rider who was marveling at it as we rode along. It took some time before I figured out that he did not realize it was a lock and thought that my top tube was rectangular with cutouts. I guess this reflects well on how tidy the stowing job is.

At present only one of the two minis is in use. My wife uses it with her city bike. The front and rear wheels are PitLocked so I didn’t think that there was much need for a larger lock than the mini. On a city bike the weight advantage might not seem to be very important but she has not, so far, elected to mount a bracket on the bike so when the lock is not in use she has it in her bag, where the weight really matters. The other mini is in case I decide to PitLock my bike but for the moment I am sticking with the quick releases and the bow lock.”



This (TiGr mini) is by far the finest lock I have ever purchased. It is functionally elegant and simple in operation. I had wanted a secure lock that was easy to use and provided security in a small form factor. The mount works perfectly and I was able to mount it over the frame holes with my pump underneath it. The lock doesn’t move and is easy to grab, lock and go — plus I have the peace of mind knowing the bike will be there when I get back. user review


This is a review of the short (Bow-lock) version. I studied the lock a fair amount before purchase and so far its met and went beyond expectations. In terms of usability you do want to practice using it before putting it into action. It’s not difficult to use but I’m seeing bad reviews based on that, which isn’t true if one takes a half hour to practice using the lock then another half hour trying it out on various types of lock-to structures. Once you get the hang of it it’s really quite easy and becomes second nature. It also takes some practice attaching and reattaching to the bike but once again when you get the hang of it then it will become second nature.

I’ve had no problem fitting it through the rear wheel and frame for typical locking situations. Its light weight and there is absolutely no rattle. I added extra banding since I’m paranoid about scratching and I’ve had no issues there and it does come with a plastic sheath for added scratch protection.

Based on my own expectations of a light weight, no rattle, easily transportable and medium-high security lock I would fully recommend.” user review


“The best, lightest, dopest lock in the world!”

-Oakland, CA

“I’m a big fan of your locks. I’ve been using them for two years and can’t live without them now.”


“What we really liked about the TiGR Mini was its design. The shape itself makes it easy to lock the frame and a wheel to almost anything, and the mount that replaces the bottle cage on the seat tube works seamlessly.”

“I’m really enjoying my TIGR Mini. The frame mounted bracket that carries the Mini is such a breeze to use. Very clever design!”

-Kickstarter backer

“I love the new Mini!”

-Kickstarter backer

“I have two of the Tigr mini’s and they are perfect! Thank you… ”

-Kickstarter backer

“Light enough to have a lock for both wheels with the bike at all times. Novel enough to provide a bit of differential security. Elegant enough to complement my bare titanium Litespeed.”


“Lightness, speed and ease of locking bike without having use the key, the easiest lock to attach to a Brompton. Fantastic!”


“I love your lock.  Titanium.  Stylish security.  Lightweight.  Nothing else out there like it”


“Thank you for making such an excellent product — I use it everyday as part of my commute.”


“I love the lock. I was part of the original Kickstarter campaign and have convinced at least two other people to buy one since. I think the length is the standard one now — you only offered the one length back then. I carry it around my top tube. I enjoy not having the u-lock in my back pocket for many of my trips now. For really dangerous places/times I double up with my u-lock mostly because I’m paranoid. My only complaint is it’s difficult to use on the wrought iron fences that we have all over the Boston area. It’s a small price to pay, though. I also used a little bit of helicopter tape to stop it from scuffing my frame. It’s really become an indispensable part of my errand bicycle because it’s always there attached to the frame. Grab and go.”


“This is my second TiGr Lock. Love being able to mount the lock on my top tube. Have used U-locks and various chain/cable style locks in the past but never liked the mounting options on my bike or the added weight. I use this on my road bike for commuting to/from work and even on my last metric century ride. I didn’t need it on the ride, just forgot to take it off. Very impressed”


“I don’t normally need to lock my bike up as I commute into work and store it inside a locked room.  As a result I keep leaving my u-lock at home because it weighs so much and I already have to carry a lot of other things.  As a result I have only been carrying a cable lock but never really liked the idea of having to use it even in an emergency.  I found your lock when search for other light weight alternative and saw the video with the woman cutting through the 75 and was going to look somewhere else but then I read about that being the low security model. So, I did a little more research.  I found the video on and was so impressed with it that I decided to buy it. While it might not be as bullet proof as the Krytonite New York series it also doesn’t weight between 5-20 pounds.  With it weighing less than 2 pounds I’m more likely to have it with me when I happen to need it rather than leave it sitting at home where it isn’t doing me any good.”


“I bought four locks from you nearly two years ago and couldn’t be more pleased.  The short ones are perfect for our Bromptons and have traveled through England and Scandinavia, as well as around Boston and New York City.  The standard size is great for our every-day bikes at home in Boston.  The locks are great.  I was skeptical of the Velcro method of attaching the lock to the bike, but it works fine and there is no rattle!”


“The lock itself is genius. I love how simple the mechanism is. Very elegant.”

– Z.K.

“TiGr lock is great.  So great in fact, that when I smashed my bike recently the TiGr lock was about all that survived.  Pretty much held my bike together while the frame crumbled.”

– D.P.

“Imagine Gumby and the T-1000 had a love child.  And that love child happened to be a bicycle lock.  A TiGr bow-lock would be that love child.  Since it’s made of titanium, it can flex itself around wide poles and trees, meaning you won’t be searching all around the block for a spot to lock up.  Furthermore, if you have a 24” model or longer, you can lock up your frame and both wheels quickly against any standard size street post.”

– T.S.

“Really happy with the lock, by the way – it doesn’t quite work in the way it is intended with my custom Airnimal Chameleon (just because of the nature of the folding mechanism and shape of the rear end of the frame) but it definitely does a good job … Better than anything I’ve had on my previous bikes, anyway! If nothing else, I’m sure it just confuses many would-be bike thieves …”

– S.F.

“Love the lock, got one for my gf’s bike as well.”

– P.B.

“Your company is wonderful — and I’ve been an evangelist for Tigr Lock since I first got mine. Many people ask about it, and I love to show off the sleek design and demonstrate how it works. I began riding in the streets of NYC just two years ago, and I’ve come a long way — moving from an  upright hybrid to my new road bike last week.  I plan to ride the NY Century on September 7 (I’m not ready for the full 100, but I’ll see how far I can go!), and I realized that I’ll need the Standard Tigr lock for protection during that event. Again, many thanks — and I will continue to spread the word about your wonderful company.”

– D.J.R.

“Hello!  I’m an extremely satisfied TiGr customer who would like to take advantage of the lifetime 10% Kickstarter backer discount for a friend of mine who was interested after hearing me talk about how great the lock is.”

– J.M.

“It is my pleasure to support such a responsive and quality-driven business.  Your ingenuity and integrity are appreciated!”

– J.M. 

“I bought a TiGr bike lock almost exactly 2 years ago when they were first released from Kickstarter. I love the lock; it’s really great.”

– K.C.

“I bought the regular length lock last year and love it.”

– B.B.

“…I have to say „thank you again for building this great lock, which so super light, convenient and secure!”


“I came across your Tigr bike lock while looking for a more discreet design and am impressed with the aesthetics and functionality of your particular lock.”

– M.G.

“I am a happy owner of the TiGr lock, love it! I am thinking about a second bike with a second TiGr lock, it is possible for me to purchase a new lock that would unlock with my existing key? Thank you! “- (answer is yes, please ask us about keyed alike (KA) locks)

– K.T.

“We have carried our very light Tigr locks on road trips through Washington and Oregon, wouldn’t really trust an armoured tank in some areas of Vancouver, and have been more than pleased with your product.”

– R.G.

“My cyclist friends always ask me to lock their bikes together with the TiGr lock.  This is a great invention.”

– M.R.

“Best lock ever, and I have tried the best U locks, handcuffs, cables etc.  Light, nice looking, and leaves the thieves scratching their heads.  Never imagined a lock would garner so many compliments.”

– G.W.

“Hi TIGR Team, Amazing evolutionary product…!!…”

– R.M.

“Thanks very much & let me know if there’s anything else you want to know. I will be telling every person I can think of and everyone I meet what good customer service you have :)”

– H.O.

“what a amazing design!  beautiful!”


“I love your product and wouldn’t dream on using a different lock.”


“I’ve been using the 0.75″ x 30″ bow A LOT since I got it a year ago – almost everyday! I don’t have a car, so I really do go everywhere with my bicycle and, since I’ve invested quite a bit in my Betty Foy, I’m much more at ease knowing it’s securely locked with my TiGr lock, even out in public places. The fact that it’s so light is just an added bonus. I don’t go anywhere without it!”


“Happy to support you guys. I don’t trust my bike with any other lock. Glad you’re in business ;-)”


“Congratz on the funding of your awesome product. I was a backer and I love my bike lock”

– T.M.

“I originally backed your kickstarter campaign for both widths of lock, and have been using the 32mm lock ever since – its been great! Last night, for the first time since I have had it, someone tried to steal my bike, and fortunately failed. It looks like they tried to bolt cutter the bow repeatedly and then tug on the lock. They have ruined the bow, but I still have my £1200 bike, so that’s what really matters!….I just wanted to say thanks for making such a decent lock!


“People ask me all the time about the lock and I love sharing the story.”

– J.G.

“I love my TiGr; probably my favorite kickstarted project so far.”

– K.dG.

“Wanted to keep you posted on my TiGr lock…It’s doing great !  Still spreading the word any chance I get.”

– M.F.

“It never occurred to me that anybody would make a titanium lock, but then, like all great ideas, you look back and say: obviously: why didnt I think of that.?”

– M.S.

“Just received my lock today here in Switzerland ! It is GREAT, thank you so very much !  I wish all the best to your sympathic company… and “long live your great products” !”

– M.S. Mar.

“I love my TiGr locks, I have the long ones, both widths….. People look at my bike, astonished, and say “WHAT’S THAT?”

– B.H. Jan.

 “I recently bought a 1.25” lock from you;  it arrived safely in Australia yesterday! I got your “thanks”.  And wonderful it is, too!!!  In fact, everything about it appeals… it is sleek, light, looks stunning, elegant design, efficient, strong, and as cycle locks go, interesting!! Even the packaging is a designer piece! You have clearly thought about this lock and its place in the world with great depth.  Most appealing.”

– B.H.

“I love your product, and would love to get the longer one….  thanks for impeccable customer service!”

– L.G.

“…It’s really a beautifully designed product.  The little TIGR keychain is a nice touch as well.”

– J.B.

“First off i just have to say how impressed i am with your product and ingenious design. Truly working smarter instead of harder. I am blown away by the simplicity and elegance.”

– C.M.


Customers Tell Us Why They Chose The TiGr® Lock

“U-Locks are just too heavy for a little bike like my Bike Friday!”

“Uniqueness, durability, ability to safely protect $3,000 investment.”

“best bike lock on the market, no question. we actually have two, the 0.75 standard that I got from kickstarter, and a 125 short that we bought directly from you. having a good lightweight lock made it much easier when we do longer tours, but the big difference has been that we rely on our bikes for daily errands much more than we used to. A lightweight secure lock allows us to choose riding over driving, and it’s had a profound impact on your lives.”

“Seems like an excellent lock against leverage-based attacks.”


“it’s light and strong.”

“Bike shop endorsement for security.  Lightweight and portability makes it easy.”

“Security and Convenience.  Especially the lightweight storage.”

“I liked the 1st one I bought from Kickstarter, so I bought a second one.”

“Innovative design.  Logical mounting point.  Light weight.”

“I needed a lock that was difficult to break for a touring trip or Europe. It cannot be cut easily with cable cutters so hopefully thieves would take some other bike. It worked ”

“versatility, practicality”

“It looks great with my bike, I hate U-locks (carrying two of them to lock my wheel and frame) and they are bulky and heavy. TiGr can fit in more places more often, is lighter, and looks better.”

“well designed”

“Lightweight Strong”

“Saw the kickstarter project a couple years ago and had wanted to support the project then, but couldn’t at the time. Been admiring for a while and wanted to give it a shot. Excited about the lightweight titanium and locking versatility.”

“I wanted something that could secure both my quick-release wheels as well as the frame and be convenient enough that I would carry it all the time.”

“I carry it in a front basket. I chose it because my bike is expensive and it is in everyday use.”

“I had one bike stolen and wanted to do a better job protecting the replacement. I wanted something I could carry easily.”

“Lightweight and easier to transport than U lock.”

“1) It is light.
2) It is convient enough that I can carry it with me at all times.
3) Locking mechanism provides piece of mind.
I have owned several bike locks, and this continues to be my favorite.”

“awesome features light weight, comfortable, top security for entire bike. :)”


“Lightweight portable security”

“Looked different than the rest, innovative, locks up more at once, better integration with the top tube and for the weight and size it kicks ass.  Pretty easy for me to get on and off too actually.”

“Its secure and easy to carry.”

“As an avid gearjunkie/cyclist, I research locks for weeks before making a decision. I weight the importance of supporting (purchasing) products developed and made in America. The fact that this was a small startup and kickstarter project was even better.
Beyond that, it’s an awesome design. Light weight but offers protection equivalent to most U-locks.
The main thing I found, however, is that ALL locks can be broken or hacked. Locks are simply deterrents. This is an excellent one. Excellent balance of ease of use, weight, and security.
*Plus you’re supporting American innovation in the purist sense.”

“It’s so cool.”

“Strength and ergonomics”

“Weight, ability to mount on the bike easily and having all my locks keyed the same. I bought (3)locks – (2)125 long and (1)125 standard”

“Ability to lock both wheels and frame”

“Great reviews, portability and ease of use.  Great lock!  Also, you’re customer service is awesome.  I needed to exchange the Standard 125 I bought for a Long and you guys made it incredibly easy to do the exchange. Have already HIGHLY recommended it to others!”

“It’s beautiful, light and practical.”

“Less weight. Strength.  I like attaching to top tube.”

“I won this lock by chance at a Streetsblog SF fundraiser. It’s similar to a cable lock that allows me to lock both of my wheels together, but obviously more resilient. I’ve also recently started to only use the TiGr lock to lock my bike without incident. It’s great so far!”

“hard to lock both wheels with traditional U-lock and chain.”

“Wanted a lighter lock since I have a light bicycle.”

“light weight, effective,  looks, fits elliptigo”

“better than cable, light enough”


“Cool looking, easy to use.  Esp for my wife who is not a cyclist.”

“I saw it on kickstarter and thought it was a great idea for bike security!!”

“light and secure, and easy to transport without endangering carbon frame.
chose short version primarily to ensure it would fit on the top tube for storage, but also because it was lighter. it also was cheaper. and it’s easy to take off my front wheel and include it in the lock.”

“I love how portable and light it is.”

“It’s light and looks great!”

“Looks, light weight, unusual to deter robbers, corrosion resistance, easy to carry”

“Light weight but super strong”

“Easy of carry: A lock you don’t have with you does you no good. I always have my lock on my bike, commute, recreation, century, always. Ease includes both the single piece (I was using a mini ulock and a cable) and the weight. ”

“security, convenience & unusual design”

“$8,000. Bike…
I carry mine in the bottle carrier mounted on the seat tube; using the lock to secure it above the top tube. The lock fits nicely between the bottom bracket and the saddle. Mounting the lock this way works so well that I have wanted to send an image to you guys. I also slipped a section of 700c tube over the lock cylinder to keep out dirt and it’s less likely to slip from my sweaty hand.
…very happy that I invested in your lock.”

“Weight savings and security boost over U-lock. Also elegance and delight of locking experience.”

“Peace of mind”

“Loved the video!”

“Because I was moving to New York City and the light weight.”

“I like it a lot!”

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