TiGr® Lock Bike Locks

Strong and Light Protect your bike without compromising your ride.

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TiGr® Lock Bike Locks

Strong and Light Protect your bike without compromising your ride.

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Unshackle Your Ride

 TiGr® Locks are secure, simple, lightweight, easy to use, easy on the eyes and hand crafted in the USA. TiGr® Locks set you free from cumbersome
U-locks and heavy chains so you can enjoy your ride even more.

The Revolutionary TiGr® Lock Bike Locks Provide You With:

Uncompromised Riding Experience

TiGr® Locks are lightweight, strong titanium bike locks designed to work in harmony with you and your bike. Elegant, versatile and simple, TiGr® Locks protect your bike while freeing you to enjoy the ride.

Unobtrusive Security

Tired of rigid U-shackle bike locks or clunky chain that clutter your ride? TiGr® Locks fit the clean, simple lines of your bike. The TiGr® titanium bow shackles can strap along the sides of your top tube, so it doesn't displace your water bottle or pump. It's so unobtrusive, you won’t be tempted to ride without your lock.

Unparalleled Versatility

TiGr® Locks can secure any bike. Our revolutionary bow design comes in three lengths: Short, Standard and Long. No matter where you go, you can have titanium Bow-Lock™ security with you when you need it.

What You Really Want To Know

How secure are they?

TiGr® Lock bike locks are very secure.  All 1.25 inch wide TiGr® Locks are ART® certified to meet rigorous security standards.  The length and flexibility of the titanium bow enables you to capture more of the bike, or more bikes, within the lock.  Standard and Long bows can capture both wheels without having to remove a wheel. Check out the Product page, FAQ and Lock Testing pages for more information

Will it fit my bike?

Yes, any TiGr® Lock can fit any bike. The Short bow can fit in most packs. All bow lengths can strap to the frame for near seamless integration with the bike.   The Standard and Long bows can capture both wheels on most bikes. Please see the Product and FAQ pages for more information.

Will it scratch my bike, or rattle while I ride?

It is easy to avoid avoid scratching.  The clear PVC coating on the bow protects your bike from scratches. Silicon o-rings provide added scratch protection.  The o-rings also dampen vibrations while you ride to help reduce wear and eliminate rattle.

Join the TiGr® Lock Revolution, and Unshackle Your Ride

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Unshackle Your Ride