TiGr® mini

TiGr Mini Lock
  • 0.9 Pounds
  • Secure frame and wheel to a rack
  • Triangular Shaped mini u-lock
  • RedDot product design award winner, 2016
  • $115

TiGr® mini+

TiGr Bow Lock
  • 1.0 Pounds
  • Secure frame and wheel to a rack
  • Rectangular Shaped U-lock
  • Introduced in 2017
  • $135

The Original TiGr®

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TiGr® Bow-Lock

  • 1.7 Pounds
  • Secure both wheels and frame to a rack
  • Bow-Shaped bicycle lock
  • Introduced via Kickstarter in 2011

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What You Really Want to Know

How Secure Are They?

Very!  TiGr® bike locks have proven many times over since 2011 to save bicycles from would-be thieves wielding real bolt cutters, hacksaws and all manner of real world bike thief tools.  The TiGr® mini and mini+ u-lock versions can secure the frame and a wheel to a bike rack.  Bow-locks can secure more of the bike, or multiple bikes. TiGr® bike locks provide great security for longer rides and shorter stops.

Will it Fit My bike?

TiGr® bike locks fit most bicycles.  The mini and mini+ ulock versions can fit in a pack while you ride, or snapped into the included mounting clip. The mini+ u-lock offers more locking area than the mini. The TiGr® bow-lock can strap to the frame for near seamless integration with the bike and can secure both wheels on many bikes.  Which is the best bike lock for you depends on what you ride and how.  Please see the FAQ pages for more information.

Will it scratch my bike, or rattle while I ride?

The clear PVC coating on all TiGr® titanium shackles protects bikes from scratches. The mounting clip included with u-lock versions holds the lock snug for rattle free rides.  Silicon o-rings on the Bow-Locks provide added scratch protection and the included cinch straps dampen rattles.

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