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A Secure Legacy, The TiGr® Lock Family




Bob, John and Jim Loughlin are the principals of the family owned and operated Stanton Concepts, LLC. The Loughlin Team is dedicated to finding fresh and innovative solutions to traditional physical security challenges. Stanton owns several patents including TSA recognized luggage locks, bicycle security, truck and cargo security, chain and cable solutions and state of the art lock cylinder opened with a sophisticated Electro-Mechanical Key (RKS, Robotic Key System).

The TiGr® Titanium Bike Lock was inspired by the Loughlins’ collective passion for innovative security solutions and their keen appreciation of the simple yet sophisticated elegance of the bicycle. They saw an inherent clash between the elegant bike and the existing offering of heavy, clunky, awkward, very much un-elegant bike locks. They set about to create a solution that was light, easy to use, easy to store and provided good security and was well-matched to the refined beauty of the bicycle.

After unsuccessfully trying to get the attention of traditional bike lock manufacturers the Loughlin’s decided to take their titanium bike lock directly to the consumer via Kickstarter. The TiGr® Kickstarter campaign was launched in the Spring of 2011 with a fundraising target of $37,500. At the close of the campaign the Loughlins were thrilled to have raised $108,000. The wildly successful campaign validated the TiGR® concept and generated tons of buzz.

The TiGr® Lock has been featured in several publications including; Wired, Forbes, Bicycling Magazine, Domus, CORE77, Popular Science, Gizmodo, Outside Magazine, Kiplinger’s and many others.

The TiGr® is hand crafted in the US and is shipped worldwide.

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