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TiGr mini u-lock titanium bike lock with u-lock mount and key lock TiGr mini u-lock titanium bike lock with u-lock mount and key lock
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The original titanium ulock. Strong, Light, Easy to use, Easy to carry, The best lightweight bike locks for commuting, for touring, for riding. Award winning product design.  Made in the USA.


The bicycle security you need for the stops you make along the way. For longer stops in lower risk areas and shorter stops in higher risk situations.  For all riders who want to avoid carrying excess weight. 



TiGr mini titanium shackle wrapped in clear PVC coating.

  • Strong and lightweight: The strength-to-weight properties of titanium is unmatched.
  • Flexible: Easy to use.
  • Compact: Optimized for locking bike frame to bike rack.
  • Portable: Easy to carry in a pack or pocket or in the included frame mount.
  • Secure: Proven to protect bikes from common bike thieves with common bike thief tools.


TiGr lock cylinder includes two keys and key tag. 

  • Secure: The high quality seven-disc disc detainer disc lock mechanism is resistant to bumping and picking attack. Picking requires specialized tools and expertise.
  • Easy to use: Push-button locking helps make for quick and easy lock-ups.
  • Reliable: High quality lock mechanism requires minimal maintenance.  


TiGr mounting clip – ABS plastic with stainless-steel reinforcement.

  • Easy to attach: As easy to attach as a bottle cage and uses bottle cage mounting points.
  • Easy to use: Lock easily snaps in and out.
  • Snug: Holds the lock snug as you ride.



  • Inside locking area Length: ~7 inches (178mm)
  • Inside locking area Width: Up to ~4 inches (102mm) at the widest point
  • Outside length: ~10.5 inches (267mm) with lock cylinder locked onto the shackle
  • Weight: ~15 ounces (431g)
  • Shackle cross section: 1.25 inches wide by 0.13 inches thick (32.75mm X 3.30mm).
  • Cylinder outer dimensions: ~1.8 inches (46mm) long by 1 inch (28mm) diameter
  • Key mechanism: detainer disc mechanism. Two keys included with key tag.



  • Flush the lock mechanism with WD-40 from time-to-time and/or as needed. The more use and/or exposure to dust and dirt, the more frequent.
  • Use lock-specific lubricants when lubricating locks.



  • Can I lock bike frame and a wheel to a bike rack? Yes, in most cases, but not all. The mini shape is well suited for locking rear wheel through the rear triangle to a bike rack, AKA the Sheldon Brown Method.
  • Can I lock an e-bike to a bike rack with a TiGr mini? Yes, in most cases.
  • Can I lock a Onewheel electric skateboard or an e-scooter with a TiGr mini? Yes, in most cases
  • What if my bike frame does not have bottle cage mounts? The TiGr mounting clip works with most bottle cage adapters. It also fits easily in most frame bags, backpacks and bicycle panniers.
  • Are bottle cage screws included? No, Most bikes come with bottle cage screws on board.  If not, standard M5 screws work in most cases.
  • Will the lock scratch my bike? The clear plastic coating on the shackle provides frame protection.
  • How secure are TiGr bike locks? Please see the lock testing page for information on lock testing.


Skinny TiGr titanium bow-locks Skinny TiGr titanium bow-locks
short medium long


  • Flexible titanium bow-locks
  • Mid-level security
  • Three shackle length options: SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG

    TiGr mini+ titanium u-lock bike lock TiGr mini+ titanium u-lock bike lock
    Coming Soon

    The first standard sized titanium u-lock. Strong and lightweight bike lock.  Weighs ~17 ounces (475g). Provides more security per ounce than ordinary bike locks.  Included frame mount holds the lock snug as you ride.  Made in the USA. Launched in 2017.

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