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6 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Ever to Own a Bike

6 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Ever to Own a Bike

6 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Ever to Own a Bike

No matter where you turn and which networks you subscribe to, you’re likely just as inundated with ill news about bike thefts, accidents, and ignorant “think pieces” about bicycle safety and regulations. But despite these negative aspects of bike ownership, we happen to think now is a better time than ever to be a cyclist. Here’s why:

It’s Cool

Aside from the sweat and weird tan lines that come with daily cycling, it’s cooler than ever to be a bike nerd. After all, who else gets to exercise and then drink beer immediately following a tough ride? Tight shorts and oversized helmets aside, die-hard cyclists deserve props.

It’s Green

Arguably the best part about cycling is the fact that it’s a completely zero-emission, carbon-neutral mode of transportation. Because you’re reliant on only your body to power the machine, you can zip by gas-guzzling vehicular companions guilt-free.

It’s Fast

Speaking of zipping by – if you live in most major American cities, you know the congestion of traffic that can snarl and ruin important events, deadlines, and getting home at decent hour. Bike lanes are famously free of congestion, pile ups, and traffic jams, so cyclists deservingly have the fast lane no matter where they’re located.

It’s Affordable

As the economy continues to recover and people remain captivated by alternatives to costly vehicle upkeep and fuel costs, cyclists can save a tremendous amount of money by investing in a decent bike, helmet, and bike lock and experience zero transportation fees over the life of their commute.

It’s Safer Than Ever

With state-of-the-art helmets and safety gear and municipal bike lanes and services improving, it’s safer than ever to be a cyclist. For those concerned about thieves, there’s an amazing new tool designed for cyclists who are concerned about their bikes: TiGr Lock! Check it out here.

It’s Good for You

There never seems to be enough time to get a decent workout in with everything else on a person’s busy schedule. By combining your workouts with your daily commutes to and from work, you can save time and shed pounds at the same time. While the sweat and necessary change of clothes is an important consideration, your office or building should have shower facilities installed. If not, consider finding a gym to accommodate your needs.

Ride on!

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