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The mini version of the next step in TiGr® evolution!!

BLUE Steel TiGr® mini u-lock
Strong: Certified Bicycle Security
Light: ~15oz/423g (less than half the weight of typical bike locks)
Flexible: Wraps around the things you want to protect

The next step in TiGr® evolution.

BLUE Steel TiGr® mini+ ulock

  • Strong: Certified Bicycle Security
  • Light: ~17oz/475g (the lightest bike lock in its class)
  • Flexible: Wraps around the things you want to protect

The original titanium ulock. Strong, Light, Easy to use, Easy to carry, The best lightweight bike locks for commuting, for touring, for riding. Award winning product design.  Made in the USA.


The first standard sized titanium u-lock. Strong and lightweight bike lock.  Weighs ~17 ounces (475g). Provides more security per ounce than ordinary bike locks.  Included frame mount holds the lock snug as you ride.  Made in the USA. Launched in 2017.

The first Titanium bike lock. Strong bicycle security that weighs only 1.7 pounds (755g).  Long enough lock up both wheels or lock multiple bikes. Easy to carry. Invented and built in the USA. Launched on Kickstarter in 2011.
Holds a TiGr mini while you ride. Attaches via water bottle lugs, or water bottle adapter.
titanium key fob, laser engraved
Compatible with all TiGr®Lock Bows
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